Key Essentials To Bring When Camping With Children

Planning a family camping trip but don’t know what to pack? Read the ideas below to help prepare your camping essentials checklist!

What’s better than spending quality time with family and friends in the lap of mother nature? Camping is by far the best way to get a break from everyday life and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. But traveling with kids is not the same as traveling alone. You have to take care of a lot of odds and ends especially at the time of packing essentials for children.

With kids you have to keep a lot of supplies other than the camping gear, utensils and tent otherwise you may not be able to have the fun you’re supposed to while enjoying the outdoors.

Having said that, here we are sharing some of the camping essentials that are most useful when you have kids with you. These supplies will make sure you have a fun and comfortable camping trip. So without any further delay, let’s begin!



If you want your kids to have the most fun on their trip, then don’t forget to keep their favorite toys and outdoor gaming kits. It will also allow you to take some rest while they’re busy in their business.

If your car has enough space then keep their scooters or bicycle with you. You can keep balls, cricket kits, baseball kits etc.


First and foremost, keep your sleeping supplies because kids can sleep anytime and anywhere. Keep all the necessary supplies like warm blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, mattresses etc. to sleep inside the tents. Along with these things, you should also keep a few comfort items for your kids as their favorite soft toys, jacket etc. to help them sleep peacefully. And yes.. don’t forget to keep some storybooks in your bag. Who knows, your little munchkin might be in the mood to listen to some stories before going to bed!


The best part about camping with kids is that they learn a lot of new things about nature. They get so many opportunities to get their hands dirty (for good of course) while exploring nature! However, you need to be a bit extra careful. For that, you need to pack some hand sanitizers and soaps to quickly get their little hands clean. Of course, there are camp bathrooms but they are not everywhere, you may need to walk for a few minutes. Hand sanitizers come handy in such situations. Just quickly get their hands clean before giving them any snack.

You can even pack paper soaps that are eco friendly.


Always keep enough camp friendly snacks. They come very handy while traveling and throughout the trip. Whatever you pack, make sure your kids love them. Otherwise, you may have to face trouble when they refuse to eat those.

Always keep simple snacks that can be easily packed and don’t require any special storage. Also, don’t keep the bigger packs because it will be inconvenient to portion them. Some great options are crackers, potato chips, some candies, chocolates etc. Avoid keeping sticky items like fruits and ice cream.


Kids can easily get sunburns while playing all day under the sun. Make sure to keep good quality sunscreen to soothe their skin. Also, keep mosquito repellent cream to protect them from mosquitoes during the night.


If you’re having toddlers then always keep a pack of wet wipes. It will help you to clean their face and hands. What’s even better? You can use them for yourself or for older kids too. These wipes come in handy when you’ve no access to bathrooms and when your kids refuse to take a dip in the pond. They are going to get dirty playing all day outdoors. Let them enjoy and keep these essentials in your backpack.


Sleeping under the starry sky is the most memorable and beautiful part of camping. But you have to be very careful because sleeping in the open during dark nights is a bit risky. Your kids may get scared in the wilderness. So, keep a few flashlights and extra batteries with you.

While you don’t need to worry that much when choosing campgrounds, they tend to have enough lighting during the nights. But to be on the safer side, keep some lightweight and compact flashlights in your bag. Let each family member including the kids have their own light source for the nights.


Camping is the best time when you can teach your kids some basic cooking lessons. In fact, this could be the most favorite activity for you and your kids. They will surely love helping you in preparing delicious snacks and treats. So, keep all the kitchen essentials for preparing yummy food for your kids. All the kids love S’mores and chocolates that are roasted in the campfire. Also, keep packaged spices, food supplies etc. along with the campfire utensils. Teach them to roast marshmallows and hotdogs on the campfire!


Keeping your children safe during the trip is the most important task. But no matter how much you try to keep them safe, they will get scratches and bug bites for sure. And that’s completely fine! What you can do is prepare a first aid kit with all the necessary items to help your kids with their minor cuts and scratches.

Always keep bandages, calamine lotion, tweezers, scissors, antiseptic cream, cotton balls etc. for the kids.

Also, keep some antibiotics, cough drops and syrups handy for minor cold and cough.


You never know what kind of insects will join you on your trip. So, it’s a good idea to keep insect repellent sprays and lotions ready.

Camping is the best way to enjoy some family time. Kids love camping trips regardless of their age. These essentials will make sure your camping vacation is a bit more comfortable and memorable.

Happy camping!


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