How to plan an Outdoor scavenger hunt for your adventure seeking child

Scavenger hunting remains to be one of the most popular games that don’t age with time. There are no strict rules in playing the game. The more creative, the better. If it’s enjoyable indoors, how much for an outdoor getaway? The great outdoors makes for a unique space to make the game more exciting, bringing out the adventurer within. An activity that both children and adults alike will remember for a long time.

How to plan an Outdoor scavenger hunt for your adventure seeking children

Planning would be the most tedious part of the entire process. However, it’s the planning stage that can level up your scavenger hunt and not end up like the old-fashioned games everyone has been used to. Unlike other games, it can be educational, lively, and one-for-the-books.

Things to consider if you want to have a successful outdoor scavenger hunt:Party Theme

Decide on a party theme that’s perfect for the age of your guests, the occasion you’re celebrating, and the budget. Depending on your child’s age, you can even have them pitch in to help you out. Kids certainly have imaginative minds that could spice up the hunt. You can advise the group ahead of time of the theme in mind to prepare them for the activity. It can be a spring or summer theme. Or you can you opt for pirates hunting for treasures in the vast sea.


Decide where you want to hold the scavenger hunt. In fact, you need not go far. You can start with the backyard, around the neighborhood, park, or even the beach. Before planning to go somewhere far, ensure that your guests are willing to comfortably travel the extra mile. But if you are the lucky ones who live next to the beach or national park, you can always consider those as party venues.

Check the weather forecast. Beach would be perfect during summer. You have to ensure it’s warm and sunny on the event day so everyone can enjoy it to the fullest.

If there’s a high probability of rain, better to keep it in the backyard or enclosed spaces like school.

The number of guests and their age is a deciding factor to choose the appropriate location. For large groups, a park would be recommended.

Age of your guests

There is a wide variety of scavenger hunt, one that’s suited to a specific audience. Younger kids are perfect for the backyard or nearby playground. Games should be more straightforward, like collecting or taking pictures of items based on the list provided. With older children, you can be more experimental, like doing it on the beach or parks. Then have them answer riddles or puzzles to find the next clue.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

As a general rule, scavenger hunt includes giving the guests a list of items to look for. They can be either hidden or naturally available in the location. The first player or team to collect or take a picture of all the items wins. You can also buy a special prize for whoever wins the game. Opt for first, second, and third placers to raise the stake of the game.

For ToddlersColor Scavenger Hunt

Instead of just an ordinary list, you can set a color-themed scavenger hunt. This is perfect for toddlers who are learning the concept of colors. What they need to do is to find items with the same color scheme to complete the list. Have them paired in two to make things easier and interactive.

Alphabet Hike

List all the alphabet on a piece of paper. Have the kids take a picture of items that start with each of the letters in the alphabet. You can intentionally hang, hide, or have some things floating on water, and the kids will try to find ways to take a picture of them properly.

Sensory hunt

The game will allow the kids to explore their five senses: touch, smell, see, hear, and taste. The hunt is experiential, where they have to do the things listed on the scavenger list to finish the games. Your list could include, but not limited to:

* Tasting a gummy snake in a bed of crushed cookies that look like dirt.
* Listen to the birds chirping.
* Smell the flowers.
* Touch whatever is inside the hidden box and guest the item.
* Look for a hidden easter egg in the garden.

Flashlight hunt

Get the kids to hunt at night and have some of the items on the list painted in neon color lights. It would be fun to have the kids wear anything with neon colors to see them in the dark and to make the hunting more exciting.

For Older KidsNature Scavenger Hunt

Give the kids a list of items they can see in nature. You can make it either ask them to look for trees, flowers, bugs, or animals on the list. Have them dressed up like little scientists with a toy magnifying glass. As we don’t want to damage nature, have them take a picture of these items. The fastest collector wins. But you can also give a special award for the best photo or most exotic item found.

The Treasure Hunt

Dressed as pirates, they can scavenge the beach for clues to get the item they are looking for. Children can search for messages in a bottle, shells, rocks, and other things found on the beach. This game will make the kids say “aaar.”

Downtown Scavenger Hunt

Children and adults alike would have to participate in this downtown scavenger hunt. Each group would have to drive downtown or in the neighborhood to collect items. The list could include things such as a napkin from a particular restaurant or a picture with the statue in the area. It is a fun way for the kids to interact with the folks and to pay attention to their place.

The scavenger hunt is a game that will last for generations to come. The possibilities are endless, and it’s as far as the imagination can go.


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